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Abkhazian state art gallery

Abkhazian state art gallery, located in the city of Sukhumi on Pushkin street is one of the main attractions of not only the city but the entire country.

The history of the gallery began in 1963 when the Council of Ministers of Abkhazia decided to create a gallery based on the branch of the Abkhaz state Museum. The Grand opening of the gallery in the house of doctor E. L. Fishkova took place in March 1964 E. Fishkov was a great lover of the fine arts, and he gave from his personal collection donated to the state about 60 paintings.

In the creation of the Abkhazian art gallery was attended by many famous artists of the Republic V. Bubnova, O. Brendel, M. Eshba, H. Avidzba etc. In the opening day of the gallery in its three halls was presented 12 sculptures and about 100 paintings. In subsequent years, as the collections of the gallery gradually increased. In the late 60-ies here have already acted in seven halls. The first room presented a beautiful copies of frescoes Lyhnenskogo temple "SV. Nicephorus, St. Isidore", "Procession of Abraham's son" and "Trinity." In the second room of the gallery were the works of the first professional Abkhazian artist-classics of A. K. Chachba. In all other halls were exhibited works of the Soviet era - still lifes, portraits, landscapes and specific works on the theme of myths and legends of Abkhazia, the revolution, world war and muhajirism.

In 1992-1993, in the period of the Georgian-Abkhaz war, the building of the gallery was badly damaged. In 1994 the Abkhazian art gallery received the status of independent. Today for the gallery dedicated a new building on the street where the house is L. Fishkova, which was founded art gallery.

Currently, the gallery is more than 3 thousand works. Each year the gallery hosts a retrospective and thematic exhibitions, which popularitybut fine arts of the Republic of Abkhazia.