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The Abkhazian state Museum

The Abkhazian state Museum, located in the city of Sukhumi on the Avenue of león is one of the best places where you can get familiar with the historical past and present of the Republic of Abkhazia. The Museum is composed of two branches. One of them is in Gudauta and the other in gulripshsky regions of Abkhazia.

The Abkhazian state Museum was established in the first half of the 60-ies of the XIX century the lovers of history and nature of Abkhazia, which were collected from local residents valuable archeological, numismatic and ethnographic materials. However, before the Russo-Turkish war, the first Museum collection was evacuated from Abkhazia and lost.

In 1913, the initiative group decided to establish in the city of Sukhumi society dealing with the study of the history of this region and collecting valuable materials. In 1915, due to "Society" began to gradually formed the first Museum. In may 1917, took place the official opening. And today one of the main directions in the work of the state Museum is the collection and processing of new materials and exhibits for replenishment of the Museum collection.

For all history of existence of the Abkhaz state Museum he was able to gather a lot of values. His collection has grown and is currently in its funds there are more than 100 thousand unique exhibits.

In the collections of the Museum presents historical, archaeological, natural and ethnographic exhibits. Most of them are unique and invaluable. For example, in the Museum garden is his pride - one of esherskih dolmens (ancient tombstones, which are found on the entire territory of Abkhazia). Here you can also see the housing complex, vividly recreating the traditional living conditions of ordinary Abkhazian family. In a Museum-kept tombstone V century BC, a rich collection of weapons, the helmet of a Greek warrior and more. The nature section presents paleontological findings, the collection of minerals of the region, samples of flora and fauna of Abkhazia and the Black sea.