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Tower and walls of Anakopia fortress

Tower and walls of Anakopia fortress is the ruins of the ancient fortifications (the citadel), located in the city of New Athos for Iberian (Anakopia) mountain. Anakopia fortress was built in the II - IV century, but the main line of the walls of the citadel was built in the late VII century with the participation of the Byzantines, who were worried about the invasion of the Arabs in the Abkhazian territory.

The total length of Anakopia fortress is 450 m. the walls thickness is more than 1 m and a height reaching 5 m was built of large smooth limestone blocks. From the South wall of the fortress was fortified with seven towers. The main fortress gate, protected by a round tower, built of three limestone monoliths were high enough above the ground. To get to the castle was possible only by ladders, wooden stairs.

Today from Anakopia fortress preserved fragments of walls, fortified towers and the arched entrance gate. From the North-East are the remains of steps from the stone staircase on which the defenders stood on the wall. Inside the citadel you can see the ruins of two watchtowers. The most significant defensive structure of the fortress is a preserved Roman tower. This square tower with loopholes was built around the II-IV century BC Near the gate is another small tower with battlements.

In the Central part of Anakopia citadel on the cliff is partially extant Anakopiyskoy the temple, built in VI - VII centuries In the chancel of the monastery survived several stones with images of the symbols of ancient Christianity.

One of the attractions of the fortress, attracting tourists, is "inexhaustible," the well, which, according to legend, was built during the construction of the citadel.

Today Anakopia fortress is the best preserved ancient fortification on the territory of Abkhazia.