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Tower Marly

The Marlinsky tower is an ancient architectural monument of the city of Gagra. Strengthening is located at the mouth of the river Zhoekvara, near the famous Abkhaz fortress Abaata. The tower was named in honour of a Decembrist Bestuzhev-Marlinsky, who served in the garrison.

The structure was built in order to ensure the safety located in the fortress the garrison, from the endless raids of the warlike mountaineers of the Northwest Caucasus. Therefore, the Marlinsky tower was erected in the place where the highlanders were able to get past one ridge and go to another. On the orders of General Muravyov-Amursky in a radius of about two kilometers from the fortress, including the gorge Laquari where the tower was carved wood. The transition of the highlanders was the only place of crossing.

The Marlinsky tower is a watchtower building. It was made in the form of a cylinder and are made of boulders somewhere in the middle of the NINETEENTH century it is Interesting that the construction of the fortifications was headed by Colonel K. P. Danzas, of which the famous Russian poet A. S. Pushkin a few years earlier was invited to be his second in the duel with Dantes.

Until today located in the resort town of Gagra tower Marly, unfortunately, not completely preserved. All that remains are the picturesque ruins in the green of summer trees. The destruction of the tower one hundred years after its construction contributed to the severe flooding that occurred in 1940 At the present time, the remains of the gray fortress wall is a fence that separates two private houses.