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The Gagra fortress (Abaata)

The Gagra fortress located at the entrance to Gagra, near the mouth of the river Fortres is one of the ancient fortifications of Old Gagra. The remains of the citadel adjacent to the West side of seaside Park.

The construction of the architectural complex dated from the II to the XI century When it accepted that the Gagra fortress was founded in the Vth century a fortification was built as protection from enemy tribes. Built a fortress whether abazgs, whether the Romans is uncertain. Fortification was completed Lekarskie gorge and blocked the road from East to West. According to historians and scientists, in the XIV-XV century the Genoese founded on the territory of the modern city of Fort Kakar, located in one of the parts of the fortress to trade with the ancient Abkhaz tribes. Subsequently, this coastal tower called Genoese. In the late middle Ages the citadel was a refuge of the Abkhazian tribes. In 1830 it was occupied by Russian forces, who constructed bastions and re-erected fortress walls with loopholes for guns and cannons. The fortress became a place of military battles between the Abkhaz and Russian forces. In the beginning of the XX century Abaata destroyed for the construction in its place of the hotel.

Time was the main factor of the loss of the fortress. To this day preserved only part of the wall and the Gagra Church of St. Hypatia. The temple is located in the heart of the fortress. Its walls are built of huge blocks of limestone, which in diameter can reach 1.5 m. the Preserved structure of the temple dated back to VI century BC, with the assumption that the Church was built not earlier than the X century from the stones of the dismantled fortification wall. The Church of St. Hypatia has a rectangular shape with two extensions. Road to the Church - cypress alley is paved with limestone slabs.

Today on the territory of the Gagra Gagra fortress are the Museum of local lore "Abaata" hotel and restaurant.