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Temple of Gagra

Gagra temple is one of the oldest buildings of the Republic of Abkhazia. It is located on the territory of the unique monument of architecture - the fortress Abaata. Gagra temple was built in the VI-VII centuries the first Caucasian Christians.

The last major restoration of the Church was held in 1902, It was then restored to its original appearance and form of the Church. The facade was built of roughly hewn limestone blocks of small size and rather simple form. In the side vestibule of the temple there is a secret door leading to the underground passage that passes under the whole of the Gagra fortress and overlooks the sea - it was one of the strategically important at the time features. Gagra temple consecrated by the name of Saint Hypatia Gagra Bishop. According to historical records and historians, the relics of St. Hypatia buried in the walls of the Church.

Externally the temple is a building of rectangular shape with two extensions. To the main entrance to the temple of Gagra is a pathway paved with polished limestone slabs, on both sides it is decorated with tall cypresses. The interior of the temple looks simple and even somewhat sternly. The main decorations on the wall of the Church is the Bolnisi cross. Above the entrance you can see the Maltese cross. They were both made by order of the Princess of Oldenburg, the patroness of the temple.

Currently, in the Gagra temple is located the interesting Museum of the Abkhaz weapons, where the tips of spears, flint axes, combat bracelets, bronze axes and daggers, antique shields, helmets, swords, medieval armor, helmets, swords and more.