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The Gega waterfall

On the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia, there are more than one hundred waterfalls. The special place among them occupies the Gega waterfall (popularly known as a Circassian waterfall). This is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Abkhazia. The waterfall is located in the North of the Gagra range, in the valley of the river Gega, in honor of which it received its name. The height of the waterfall reaches 70 m.

This waterfall was formed by the spill of river flow, which flows in the depths of the caves. The Gega river, having a length of 25 km, is one of the largest tributaries of the river Bzyb. It flows through a rather narrow and very picturesque gorge, forming a huge number of waterfalls and rapids. On one such stretch of river like hiding in a crevice. Passing through the underground corridors and caves, it sharply falls down like cuts through the rock. It is amazing the Gega waterfall.

This amazing sight looks even more impressive in the sunlight. Splashes of water, flowing through the dark shiny surface, form at the foot of a fantastic rainbow, and a beautiful fountain. There are constantly fresh and cool enough, because the water at the exit of the caves becomes just ice. The total length of the caves through which passes the Gega waterfall is 315 km from the foot of the mountain where the water falls down a lot, almost always covered with snow. Therefore, going on a tour to the waterfall, it would be wise to bring along warm clothes.

The waterfall in the film is a huge success with tourists, because here were filmed some scenes for the Soviet film "Sherlock Holmes" - namely the scene of the legendary duel between Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty.

Most private tours include a visit to this waterfall.