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Genoa (Parchinskaya) tower

Genoa (Parchinskaya) tower is one of the main attractions of the city of New Athos. It is located on the street Lakoba, near seaside Park. The Genoese tower is the only surviving to the present day structure of the coastline fortifications of the ancient capital of the Principality of Abazgia and Abkhaz Kingdom Anakopia, a trading and port city, which existed here from IV to XVII century and abandoned by the locals after the Turks captured.

Parchinskaya the tower was erected in the XI - XII century and protected the city from the sea. In XIX century the monks built a building two-storeyed hotel for wealthy pilgrims who came to new Athos Orthodox of St. Simon the Canaanite monastery. In 1888, this hotel has hosted famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov, and in 1922 Russian Soviet writer K. G. Paustovsky and Russian writer I. E. Babel. In the Soviet years the tower was part of one of the buildings of the local sanatorium "Abkhazia".

Low Genoese tower is a surviving fragment of the fortifications anakopii XI-XIII century, Its facade was designed in the shape of a trapezoid and has only two Windows. Faced with a tower of rough-hewn limestone rock. Until today very well preserved masonry tower. During the restoration the walls were partly restored from the old brick, which was taken from the ruins of buildings, destroyed during the civil war in 1992 and 1993,

In the result of restoration work of the Genoese tower received a completely new roofing, and interior finish with beautiful wrought-iron chandelier, made in the medieval style. Inside the tower is preserved floors that had been laid out centuries ago. In the years of 1992-1993 war soldiers burned at the stake. Soot was carefully cleaned, the floor surface sanded and coated with protective varnish. But despite this, on the floor you can still see the remaining from the fire trail.