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Mountain Mamzyshha

The mountain rises majestically above the resort, with an altitude of 1876 meters above sea level. In the early twentieth century to the top of Mamishi road was built, along which is arranged a viewing platform. From the bird's eye view of the magnificent panorama of Gagra, Pitsunda and the surrounding area - beach, sinking in the ocean of the subtropical vegetation and the sea surface a turquoise carpet creeping to the horizon. Perfect for skiing terrain of the mountains and a favorable combination of sea and mountain climate features (plenty of sun, clean rarefied air, ionized and filled with the resinous fumes of the forests, crystal springs) make Mamzyshha attractive to many researchers. Long-term scientific study of its climatic factors was established: the mountain has all the data of the best mountain resorts in Europe. On the Northern slopes of the mountain ski slopes can be used up to 7 months of the year.