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The clock house (administration Building)

The history of Sukhumi that goes back centuries. In VI century BC here was situated Dioscuriada, an ancient Greek colony. Later, the area was under the Roman Empire, which was fixed on the coast, and built a stone fortress Sebastopolis. In the VI century of our era over the territory was ruled by Byzantium. Part of the Georgian Kingdom, this region was in the middle ages, and in 1810 was taken by Russian troops during the Russo-Turkish war. All ancient and medieval history of the city embodied in the architectural heritage, numerous samples of the fortress and castle architecture. Unfortunately, after the Abkhaz conflict, many of the buildings, especially on the outskirts, still not rebuilt and not restored, but they retained the features of grandeur and sophistication.

The centre of Sukhumi pleases the eye of visitors with clean streets, fresh facades and lush subtropical greenery. In the center, on Prospekt Mira is one of the notable buildings in the town - House clock. It is a stylish building with a gabled peak on the roof of the turret was built a hundred years ago, in 1914, especially as the building to house the city administration, which then worked for many years. In 1950, the Moscow authorities, the city as a gift was transferred to the chimes. They have built the tower of the administration building, hence the name "House clock".

House and to this day serves as the city administration. The building blends into the architectural ensemble of the centre together with other old buildings - post office and school No. 10. Adjacent is the Park of Glory with memorials to soldiers-the Abkhazians. Vintage stylish home surrounded by majestic cypress, Lebanese and Atlas cedars, magnolias, palm trees and evergreen vegetation.