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Drandsky Cathedral

Drandsky Cathedral, located near the city of Sukhumi, between two rivers Azaps Small and Kodor in the village of Dranda (Gulripshi district) is the current Cathedral of the Abkhazian Orthodox Church.

Surrounded by cypress trees, the massive temple was built approximately in VI St. Its architecture is a cross-domed four-column temples.

The Eastern facade of the temple on the outside is decorated with three pentagonal apses protrusion, encompassing the altar and the side of the room. Crowns the dome, lying on the 16-sided drum. The temple is illuminated 36 huge Windows. The interior of the Church was painted with images of saints and paintings on biblical subjects. In 1860, the famous historian D. Bakradze, said that he saw in the Cathedral the fresco depiction of the Transfiguration of Christ and several frescoes, which depicted the Saviour and the saints. However, over time the mural was destroyed, and has not been restored. Inside the Cathedral you can see two marble tombs. One of them is under the throne, and the second - near the entrance at the West doors.

In the middle ages Dranda was a residence of the Bishop. The Cathedral belonged to large estates. In the years of Turkish occupation the Cathedral was very badly damaged, but later it repeatedly restored. After all these restorations and reconstructions of the original appearance of the ancient temple has changed a lot, also there is no one signature.

In 1883, the monks from New Athos founded the Cathedral monastery. The monastery operated children's parochial school. The monastery was surrounded by fruit orchards and extensive vineyards, and the hill under the Cathedral was a real underground town with caves, recesses and galleries. By 1924 the land Gradskogo Cathedral came into the possession of the farm. In a residential area housed the administrative offices.

To date, GranDSLAM the Cathedral is undergoing restoration work to restore its original appearance.