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Lekarskie gorge

Lekarskie gorge - one of the most amazing natural and historical sites of Old Gagra. The gorge is in the Western part of the city, near the Gagra fortress. Its length is very large: from Gagarin square to the head of the Creek Fortres that high in the mountains.

Lekarskou the gorge was named after the mountain river Zhoekvara. With the Abkhaz language, her name translates as "12 springs". In the course of ethnographic research were found leading to the gorge and ancient trails. Most likely, these paths in ancient times, ascended and descended Caucasian "Spartans" (people Ubykhs).

Abaata fortress, which was located near the gorge, is constantly exposed to the raids of the highlanders. Therefore, the military command of the fortress was decided to cut down the forest around the place where was located the only transition. In 1841 it was built the watchtower. It should be noted that the construction of the tower was engaged in Danzas, who served at that time in Gagra shelf. In the historical literature of the watch tower listed as Tower Marly, which is associated with the important for Russian history of the battle. The remains of this dilapidated guard tower can be seen today.

Lekarskie gorge is a very interesting and beautiful place which attracts tourists by its picturesque landscape, magnificent waterfalls and winding mountain river, dense thickets of boxwood, chestnut, yew and other exotic trees. Above the entrance to Lekarskou gorge railway is emerging from one tunnel and going to another. Also there is also a train station called "Gagra".

Lekarskeho the proximity of the gorge to the boarding houses and resorts have made it one of the most popular tour itineraries of tourists.