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Castle Prince of Oldenburg

Castle Prince of Oldenburg is located in the area of Old Gagra, on the hillside, near the confluence Laquari in the Black sea. On the black sea coast is a Park where have been planted orange and lemon trees, cypress, palms, agaves.

The famous castle of the Prince of Oldenburg was built in 1902 in art Nouveau style. The author of this project made by the architect I. K. Luteranskiy. The Palace is an amazing building with a red-tiled roof, balconies, fireplace chimneys and tower of the Falconer, which fits perfectly into the overall ensemble of the castle. In parallel with the construction of his castle, the Prince began to put into practice a plan to create climate of the resort, so-called "Russian nice", and that was his crowning achievement.

Due to the financial investments of the Prince in the city was created by subtropical College and Telegraph, as well as running water and electric lighting. In 1903, in the restaurant "gagripsh" was held the solemn opening of the climate station, this day is considered the day of Foundation of the resort.

But all this could not save the Prince of Oldenburg from the disaster occurred. With the outbreak of the First world war, the Prince was recalled to Petersburg, where he was appointed the Supreme head of the evacuation and sanitary parts. In Gagra he never returned. In 1917, Alexander went to Finland, and later in France. His last days, the Prince of Oldenburg held on French Riviera.

In 1992-1993 Gagra, including the castle, was in the center of the fighting, and therefore suffered many fires and burglaries it is a lot disfigured. Today the tourist business in the city is fairly active. However, the castle of the Prince of Oldenburg is in a dilapidated condition, therefore, is temporarily closed to the public.