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Iver (Anakopia) mountain and chapel

Iver (Anakopia) mountain chapel in New Athos is one of the attractions of the city.

Iver mountain, located on the territory of Gudauta district, is relatively low. Its maximum height is 344 m. On top of the mountain today you can see the preserved ruins of the ancient city of Anakopia, as well as the ruins of the Anakopia citadel.

Under Anakopia mountain and in the vicinity of the city is full of karst caves, but the main attraction of the mountain, which made her quite well known, has become a unique new Athos cave. For visits to the cave was discovered in 1975 In the picturesque slopes of the Iberian mountain is a stone road paved with monks. It originates at the foot of the mountain and ends at the top. The Iberian mountain is decorated with amazing beauty of a cypress alley. Here was erected the building of chapels, the temple, and later hotels and a couple of cable cars. With the Iberian mountain offers a beautiful panorama of the city of New Athos and the surrounding area.

On the mountain lies the chapel of the Iveron mother of God, built in 1913, the new Athos monks. Here was kept the miraculous icon, which was transferred from St. Panteleimon monastery in mount Athos Old. According to the legend, the icon came to the monastery at a time when the Iberian monks of the temple saw the midst of the sea the pillar of fire with the image of the Mother of God, which, in the opinion of the monks, had become the protector of the castle and the mountain.

At the end of article VI the Arabs wanted to seize the fortress, but all of a sudden they were gripped by an epidemic that killed thousands of people. In the history of the fortifications no one was able to take it. Only time of the revolution and the war were able to destroy the fortress. The wall behind the Iveron chapel painted with different Christian symbols. It was erected in XIX century from bas-reliefs found during excavations.