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The Australian butterfly sanctuary

Australian butterfly sanctuary is located in the town of Kuranda, near Cairns. It contains the largest collection of Australian tropical butterflies - more than 1500 copies, which are grown here! All of them - the inhabitants of the local rain forests, including the Kuranda butterfly, the Ulysses butterfly colors "electric" is the unofficial emblem of tropical North Queensland, and rainbow butterfly rock "Cairns Birdwing", striking green and yellow fluorescent glow. Meeting with these creatures of the air causes a storm of positive emotions and leaves unforgettable impressions.

The reserve was opened in 1987, and since then it was visited by over one million tourists. It completely recreated the natural habitat of butterflies in the rainforest: tourists enjoy the leisurely current of water flows, suddenly rushing waterfalls surrounded by tropical plants and flowers. Walking through the paths of the enclosure, you can see a huge diversity of Lepidoptera - butterflies and moths. Here lives the world's largest moth - Hercules endemic to North Queensland and the majestic creation of the jungle.

Every 15 minutes in the reserve begins a half-hour tour, during which tourists get acquainted with the life cycle of butterflies and their behavior, learn little-known facts about these amazing creatures like a butterfly "Zatozia Bibles", "steklenica" or "orange wanderer". The tour ends at the Butterfly Museum, where butterflies from around the world.