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Aquarium Of Western Australia

Aquarium of Western Australia located just 20 minutes ' walk from Perth city centre in the Gulf of Hillarys-boat.

The story of its creation is very interesting: in the 1970-ies entrepreneur Morris Kahn together with his son went diving in the Red sea. At some point the boy began to quickly float to the surface, and father to help him avoid decompression sickness, sharply swam after him and in result, hurt your eardrums. The remainder of the stay Maurice Kahn had spent on the shore, where he began to think about how to move underwater life of the oceans ashore to admire her, who for one reason or another is unable to dive. So the idea of creating a leisure Park "Coral world" Department which opened in many countries around the world.

In 1991, Morris Kahn acquired the Perth Park "Underwater world", in its place to build a huge aquarium with close to natural habitat conditions. His ideas make people feel at the bottom of the ocean! I must say that the company Kahn did it - today is "Coral World International" is a recognized authority in the field of recreation complex marine ecosystems and the cultivation of corals in an artificial environment.

In 2001, "Underwater world" was renamed the "Aquarium of Western Australia" - AQWA. Today it is possible to get acquainted with all the diversity and splendor of marine flora and fauna of the coastline of Western Australia. The exposition is divided into five sections, which recreates different ecosystems: the Great southern coast, Perth Coast, Marine Park Marmion, the Shipwreck Coast and far North. In the area of the far North, visitors can discover one of the most remote regions of the world, home to dangerous marine animals - blue shipohvosty Stingray, clown fish, crocodiles and deadly poisonous fish-stone. On the Shipwreck Coast, you can get acquainted with the inhabitants of warm waters of the Indian ocean - sharks, huge stingrays, turtles, and admire the limestone reefs teeming with diverse marine fauna. Coast Perth is a wonderful ancient reefs and sandy bays, where jellyfish and cuttlefish scurrying among the bright living coral. Here you can see octopus, lobster, seahorses and other inhabitants of the coastal waters of Perth. Great South coast invites you to plunge into the depths of the cold southern ocean to detect there is a mystical sea dragons, soft coral, iridescent sponges, unique fish-devil and the fish-bowl. Finally, in the marine Park, Marmion you can swim in the pool along with some marine life, to visit the Bay of Rays and relax in the coral lagoon. In 20 years of existence, the aquarium was visited by more than 5 million people!