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Basilica. Mary Of The Angels

Basilica. Mary of the Angels, also known as the Church. Mary, located in Yarra street Geelong. The construction of this beautiful building of blue Sandstone in the Gothic revival style, was completed in 1937. Today's Basilica. Mary of the Angels is the highest in Australia, the spire rising to 150 feet above the ground. The Basilica itself was ranked 4th in the list of the highest churches of the country. In addition, it is also the tallest building in Geelong - its height is 210 feet from the base. The title of Basilica Church received in 2004 after the approval of the Vatican, becoming the fifth Basilica of Australia.

First Church of SV. Mary was a small wooden chapel built in Yarra street in November 1842. However, the number of parishioners rather quickly outgrew the capacity of the chapel, and in 1846, on its place was built a new stone Church. Soon the gold rush that swept Geelong, required the construction of a much larger Church, like the Cathedral. The architect was selected, Messr Dowden, which in 1854 began construction. But the rapid development of the city has already begun to wane, and two years later the construction work stopped. For a dozen years, the Church stood unfinished. Only in 1871 the construction of the temple resumed. And the work on the spire began in the 20th century - in 1931, and was completed in 1937. A bronze cross on top of the spire is 12 feet in height. In 1995 the Church was renovated, which cost $300 thousand. Today's Basilica. Mary of the Angels listed as a National Heritage in Victoria.