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Tower Rialto

Tower, the Rialto located in Melbourne, is the tallest in the southern hemisphere an office building and second tallest reinforced concrete building, assuming the height to the roof.

Actually, the Rialto is two separate buildings. In the late 19th century on the place where the towers were located a number of public institutions. Among them was an office building, Rialto was built in 1889 and later gave its name to the skyscrapers. Today the historic building is located next to the towers.

The construction of an office complex began in 1982 and lasted 4 years. The height of the South tower is 251 meter, it has 63 floors. North tower below 185 meters high and 43 floors. On the 55th floor of the South tower from 1994 to 2009 housed the observation deck, which became the first Melbourne site in the skyscraper. In good weather, it opened with a review of a range of up to 60 km up to the platform was one of the two high-speed elevators or stairs, consisting of 1450 degrees. Today, the site of the observation deck restaurant, which offers wonderful views of the city and the Yarra river.

And the stairs of the Rialto each year flee the participants to "Race through the steps" - the winner gets a trip to new York for a similar competition at the Empire state building.