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Tower on Black Mountain

Tower on Black Mountain, previously known as the Telstra Tower is a telecommunication tower located atop Black Mountain in the Australian capital territory Canberra. One of the most famous attractions height 195,2 meter offers visitors wonderful panoramic views of Canberra and its surroundings in one of three viewing platforms or from the revolving restaurant.

In April 1970 the Minister of communications of Australia, instructed the construction Department to carry out survey works on the object construction on Black Mountain tower, which would provide communication services and serve as a meeting place for residents and visitors alike. The tower was to replace the microwave relay station on Red hills antenna and TV, then existed on Black Mountain. Already at the design stage, a heated debate - the public feared that the tower, because of its situation on the top of the mountain will dominate over the other aesthetically important objects of Canberra. In the high Court of Australia even before the lawsuit was filed against the decision of the government on the construction of the tower, however, the court sided with the state, and construction began. May 15, 1980, Telstra Tower officially opened by former Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Fraser.

Today the tower is in addition to enterprises providing telecommunication services to the population, there are 3 viewing platforms (1 inside and 2 outside), a café, a souvenir shop and a revolving restaurant "Alto Tower". Canberra's only revolving restaurant rotates 360º during the 81 minute, allowing the visitors during the meal to enjoy the views from the Windows.

Until recently, the tower's foyer was an exhibition of "Creating relationships" on the history of telecommunications in Australia since the early days and until the beginning of the 21st century. Here is a small video room where you can watch a short film about the design and construction of the tower, taken right after its opening.

Tower on Black Mountain was one of the main symbols of Canberra and a major tourist attraction, it was visited by over 6 million people! In 1989 the world Federation of Skyscrapers included the tower in your list, putting it near famous buildings such as the CN Tower in Toronto, Blackpool Tower in England and the Empire State Building in new York. Today, the Tower on Black Mountain is one of the most impressive structures on the Canberra skyline, visible from many parts of the city and suburbs.