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The Allport library and Museum of fine Arts

"Sacred" place in Hobart for all avid bibliophiles - Allport Library and Museum of fine Arts, which are part of the collection of the State Library of Tasmania. This unique collection gave the people of Tasmania in 1965, Henry Allport, whose ancestors arrived on the island in the early 19th century.

The Museum consists of many spacious rooms, which in addition to rare books, you can see a wide variety of items - antique furniture (including the famous English style "Chippendale"), ceramics, China, silver and glassware, Dating from the 17th century.

Books represented in the collection, gathered over many years is truly unique specimens, which, however, is available to everyone. Only here collected 7 thousand books and manuscripts, 3 thousand works of art, 2 thousands of photos and about a thousand different objects of historical and cultural value. An interesting part of the collection is the work of artists among the prisoners.

In the Allport library regularly hosts art exhibitions of works from the 19th century.