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Botanic gardens of Adelaide

Botanic gardens of Adelaide is three separate project: the historical Botanical garden in the city centre, Botanic garden mount lofty Botanic garden Wittunga (Wittunga).

The main Botanical garden (approximately 34 hectares) was founded in 1857, Here you can see plants from all over the world, as well as a few trees planted in the nineteenth century! In the garden created and maintained very favorable for plants, a subtropical climate (average temperature 28 degrees). And the abundance of Sunny days allows you to get plants from different regions of the Earth: and those who love moisture, and those that dwell in the mountains, steppes and even in the desert. By the way, in the garden you can see a whole grove of Russian birches.

The first glass greenhouse was built in the Botanical garden specifically for growing unique Victorian water lilies in 1868. The process of flowering even got on the front pages of local Newspapers!

The second big greenhouse - "House of trees" - was built in 1877, the Greenhouse features not only an extensive collection of Madagascan plants in savannas, but also for its Victorian-style architecture.

In 1996 at the Botanical garden was opened the national Test Rose Garden, the first in Australia garden where roses are tested for suitability for the Australian climate. Rose, incidentally, is amazing - Noisette roses, Bourbon roses, tea, dog rose, etc.

In addition, in the Botanical garden you can visit the Mediterranean garden of aquatic plants, to admire the blooming Lotus and the history of crop production in the local Museum. And you can just sit on the lawn under a tree and forgetting that you are in the middle of the bustling city. Every year the Adelaide Botanic garden is visited by over 1.5 million people. Admission is free.

The second Botanical garden is located half an hour from the centre of Adelaide on the Eastern slope of mount lofty. The first visitors to the Park took in 1977 - then on the area of 80 hectares it was possible to get acquainted with the plants of temperate climate. Today the garden is divided into seven valleys, each of which are grown in certain groups of plants. And it has representatives of practically all climatic zones of the world - magnolias, rhododendrons, camellias, roses, peonies, ferns of Australia, exotic deciduous and coniferous trees. The highlight of the garden is a stunning valley view in Adelaide, opening with a height of 180 meters above sea level.

Finally, the third Botanical garden of Wittunga open to the public in 1975, is a collection of plants from Australia and South Africa. South African specimens were collected in the Cape province of South Africa, the climate is very similar to Australian. The collection of Australian plants collected from the Peninsula Fleurieu, Kangaroo island and areas of Western Australia.