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Botanical gardens of Townsville

Botanical garden "Palmetum" (Palmetum) in Townsville is a land of palm trees. The garden is located in the district of Annandale, near the Ross river, James cook University and Townsville hospital. Opened in 1988, today the garden covers an area of 17 hectares where there are about 300 species of palm trees, including the most rare, is the largest collection of palms in the world!

Palmetum developed every day: garden guide regularly acquires, and grows new types of trees, for tourists are constructed walkways and viewing platforms. But this Botanical garden is famous not only for its palm trees, but also a large variety of birds lovers "birdwatching" will not be disappointed. In the garden you can also see the memorial dedicated to the memory of 18 soldiers killed during a training flight "Black hawk down".

Botanical garden "Park Anderson" (Anderson Park Botanic Garden) - a favorite place of recreation for residents of Townsville.

In the arboretum Park you can see an amazing variety of tropical ferns, palms, fruit and economically valuable plants, and one of the largest collections in the world of the Pandavas. Most specimens of plants brought from the tropical rain forests of Peninsula of Cape York and North Queensland. Collection of Pandavas includes most of the species of Pandan growing in Australia, and plants from New Guinea, Southeast Asia, the island of the Western Pacific ocean and Madagascar. In the greenhouse collection of tropical plants such as bromeliads, ginger, nepentesov and palm trees. In the tropical fruit garden, you can see exotic lychee, persimmon, asimina, breadfruit, figs, coffee, cinnamon and other "deli" items.

In 1932 the Park was named after William Anderson, the first curator of the Park. In the same year appeared the first landing. In 1956 and 1963 the Park was expanded, and it acquired its modern look. Today Anderson Park is over 20 hectares and is renowned for an innovative approach to landscaping and a true gem of the city.

Royal gardens (Queens Gardens) is a third Botanical gardens of Townsville, the smallest (with an area of only 4 ha). It is located at the foot of the castle hill, close to the town centre and promenade the strand. The garden is divided into quadrants, in the center of each of which stands a fountain. Among the special areas - a rose garden, flower beds, 2 small maze in the form of "hedges" and Avenue "pea tree". The garden also features a small aviary, peacocks, little lorikeet birds and cockatoos.

Formally, the "Royal gardens" was founded in 1870, but then they served to supply the local population with food and agricultural development. The initial 40.5 hectares of land intended for planting exotic species of plants such as coconut, mango, oil palm. Some of the "pea tree" and Araucarias, planted at the time, still growing in the garden and, perhaps, are the oldest cultivated plants of Australia. In the late 19th century, the garden was slowly transformed from "industrial" in this area of rest of the townspeople. But the Second World war slowed down this process: during the war the Royal gardens served as a military base for 100 thousand American soldiers. And only in 1959, the garden began to perform its modern function, though its territory was reduced by 10 times.