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Geelong Botanical gardens

Geelong Botanical gardens situated in Eastern Park on the Eastern end of the Central business district of the city. The garden was created in 1851 and, thus, is the fourth oldest Botanic garden in Australia.

In 1850 the territory of present Botanical garden was reserved as a place of public resort, occupying almost the entire area of the present East Park. However, later directly the garden was fenced off by a fence from the territory of the Park.

By the end of the 19th century in the Botanical garden already has a huge fern greenhouse, a road for carriages with a length of 4.8 km, bird aviary, room for the monkeys and fish hatchery. In 1859 he erected a winter garden and a greenhouse. In 1885 he opened a greenhouse fern: it was 37 meters long, 18.5 meters wide and was located in the place where today stands the fountain of George Hitchcock. A year later the greenhouse was added a pond, and a year later a third section - the total length of the greenhouses was 92 meters. But by 1920 the ferns excessively expanded, and after World war II, the greenhouse was demolished, as the wooden building began to crumble.

In 2002, the Botanical garden has undergone significant changes: opened the gallery for plants of arid climate and Australian plants. At the entrance put the Australian baobab trees and decorated garden sculptures. The plant collections placed in various thematic areas. For example, in "the edible Garden" you can see the plants that provide us food. The collection of pelargonium are several types of these incredibly beautiful flowers. One of the most popular galleries of the garden is a collection of roses, planted in 1995. The pride of the garden are trees planted in the mid 19th century, for example, Chilean wine raffia.

Today Geelong Botanical gardens included in the list of heritage of the Victorian era.