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Botanical Garden. George Brown

Darwin Botanical Garden. George brown is located in 2 km North of downtown. The garden, spread over an area of 42 hectares, is famous for its collection of plants of Northern Australia and other tropical regions. This is one of the few Botanical gardens in the world, which in natural conditions grow on marine and estuarine plants.

It was founded in 1886 and it was the third attempt by European settlers to create a place for the acclimatization of economically important plants in tropical climates. Like most of Darwin, Botanic garden was seriously damaged during cyclone Tracy in 1974, 89% of plants were destroyed. The restoration of the garden after the cyclone was involved in the George brown, working in the garden since 1969 and became Lord mayor of Darwin in 1992. In 2002 for his services to the garden was named after him.

In 2000, the former Methodist Church Wesleyan is the oldest surviving building in Darwin - was moved from Nucky street to the Botanical garden.

In the garden collection - flora of monsoon areas of Northern Australia, including mangroves, monsoon creepers, plants of moist forests of the Tiwi Islands and the coast of Arnhem. Here you can see tropical plants - cycads, palms, adansonia, ginger and Heliconia. All garden plants are divided into thematic zones: the rain forest with a waterfall, mangroves, plantations of orchids or in the garden with shade-loving plants. The property also has a fountain, a children's Playground with a tree house and visitor centre. Special tourist route tells of the traditional use of local plants by the natives.