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The Abbey at Melk Abbey

On the left Bank of the Danube, 60 km West of Vienna, stands the town of Melk and the Abbey - the residence of the Babenbergs. In the eleventh century, Leopold II, invited the Benedictines of Lambach in Melk and gave them the land and the castle, which the monks turned into a fortified monastery. In 1297 the monastery was completely burned and has since been repeatedly rebuilt. In the sixteenth century, it withstood the invasion of the Turks. In 1702, the Abbot Berthold Dietmayer began the detailed redevelopment of the complex. Jacob Prandtauer von Erlach, Joseph Mungenast and other prominent artists of the time gave the monastery its modern Baroque shape.

In the altar of the monastery Church of the Baroque era with frescoes by Johann Michael Rottmayr depicts the patrons of the Abbey of SS. Peter and Paul. The courtyard of the Prelate surrounded by imposing buildings, topped with the statues of the prophets and frescoes depicting the main virtues. In the magnificent marble hall, decorated with paintings by Paul Troger, once held receptions and ceremonies. Impressive Abbey library consists of 100 thousand volumes, including 2 thousand manuscripts and incunabula 1600. The library ceiling is decorated with beautiful fresco work of Paul Troger.