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Abbey Of Saint-Georgenberg-Fat

Abbey of Saint-Georgenberg, Fight - the convent of the Benedictines, founded in the year 1138. The Abbey is the oldest in Tyrol.

The first mention of the Abbey dates back to the mid 10th century, when the blessed Rathold built a small shelter in the rock of Georgenberg near Stans. After a while Rinaldo was joined by other hermits, was built on the rock chapel of the virgin Mary. Retold was canonized after death, and the community continued to develop. The Bishop of Brixen made an impressive donation, highlighting the "existence of the Holy places." The Emperor Henry IV in 1097 also participated in the financing of the future Abbey. Religious community of Saint-Georgenberg was turned into a Benedictine monastery on 30 April 1138.

To the early 11th century, the parish has become a place of pilgrimage for many people. Soon the Church could no longer accommodate all those who came for prayer. In July of 1284 in of the Church there was a terrible destructive fire. The restoration involved the Bishop Bruno of Brixen. After the first fire, the monastery suffered other woes: the bubonic plague in 1348, the second fire in 1448, the destruction of the High bridge in 1470. By 1520, the situation finally deteriorated: the flow of pilgrims has dried up completely for nearly a century.

After the fourth catastrophic fire 31 Oct 1705, the monastery was moved to a new location in Fat. Due to lack of funds the new monastery buildings and the Church was built up gradually (up until 1781). Finances dictated the style of construction - the modesty of Baroque architecture.

In 1806 the monastery in the part of Tyrol came into the possession of Bavaria, but in 1816 was again part of Austria. In 1868 at the Abbey again had a serious fire, which caused great damage to the monastery's collection of graphics, but spared most of the library.

From 1941 to 1945, the monastery was confiscated by the German army, the monks were expelled and were able to return only after the Second World war.

Currently, the Abbey of Saint-Georgenberg-Fat is an active monastery, accepting pilgrims every year from may to October.