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The Abbey Of St Peter

The Benedictine Abbey of St. Peter is located in the historical centre of Salzburg at the foot of the mountain mönchsberg. It was founded in the year 690 was one of the first urban bishops - Rupert, who later became the patron Saint of Salzburg. To 1110 years in the Abbey was a residence of the archbishops. The monastery still operates, however, some parts of the monastery complex are open to tourist visits, including the main temple of St. Peter.

St. Peter's Abbey is a complex of buildings of XVII-XVIII centuries with three courtyards and the main monastery Church of St. Peter. It was built in 1143, but was heavily rebuilt along with the construction of the main monastic buildings. Now the Cathedral is built in Baroque style, notably the two elegant domes crowning the Cathedral and its tall bell tower.

Inside St. Peter's Church decorated with rich stucco work and unusual ornaments in the form of shells. This is a fairly large temple, as it contained 17 altars, including the master worked master of Krems Martin Johann Schmidt, worked in a mixed style of Baroque and Rococo. Overall, the interior of the Church was completed in the late XVIII century.

In the right nave of the Cathedral in 1444, was solemnly reburied the relics of the patron Saint of Salzburg St. Rupert and St. Vitali. Still inside the Cathedral of St. Peter is buried Mozart's sister Maria Anna and brother of the composer Joseph Haydn, Johann Michael.

St. Peter's Abbey is adjacent to the monk's mountain, in a steep wall which is still preserved ancient catacombs where early Christians lived for over a thousand years ago. There fits a tiny ancient cemetery, is the oldest in all of Salzburg. Here you can find a quaint, old tombstones and monuments, dated to 1288 and 1300 years.