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A small fairground village Eisenkappel-Fellah located in the South-Eastern part of the valley Fallahian, close to the Slovenian border. This municipality was founded in 1939 through the merger of two neighbouring villages - Eisenkappel and Fellah. About the village Eisenkappel, named after the local chapel, in written sources it is mentioned in 1050. In the XIII century, the local people traded with iron and salt. To protect the municipality from Turkish raids, here in the end of XV century was built a stone fortress which still could not save the town from destruction. Emperor Frederick restored the commune Eisenkappel and in 1493 he granted her own coat of arms.

Currently Eisenkappel-Fellah is a famous climatic resort and one of the tourist centers of the earth Carinthia. To the attractions of the town are two castles - rechberg and Hohenegg and the ruins of a fortress built for defense against the Ottomans. Local late-Gothic parish Church consecrated in honor of St. Michael. It was built in the XIV century, destroyed during the Turkish RAID, and rebuilt in the late XV century. Of great interest are several museums, among which should be noted Guerrilla Museum whose collection tells the history of resistance to the Nazis of the Carinthian Slovenes. The farm Permadhi, where during the second world war there was a guerrilla base, a monument to war heroes.

Is in the commune of Eisenkappel-Fellah and the Museum of old cars. Near the village, at an altitude of 1000 meters, is a stalactite cave S that you may wish to explore. It is open from March to November. The cave was discovered in 1870, when in the mountains was a search for deposits of zinc and lead.