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Ahorner-chapel located in the district of Eichhorn in Heiligenblut, in the famous resort, where the rest of the Hiking that the area of the city offers a variety of walking routes.

Ahorner the chapel was built in 1819 Sebastian Tributer near his estate. Over the two centuries of its existence, the chapel was dilapidated and needed repair. In 1989 the chapel was restored. This sacred building was built in eclectic style. A careful observer will note in its architectural elements characteristic of the style of classicism and late Baroque. A one-nave building has a low wooden turret on the roof. Above the portal is a niche in which is placed a statue of the virgin. To the square nave on the West side is adjacent to the gallery, and from the East round the apse. On the West façade you can see a mural on a religious theme.

Interior Ahorner-chapels decorated in Baroque manner. The arches of the nave and the apse were painted by artist Josef Writtem in 1819. On the big painting on the ceiling of the nave depicts the last Supper and fragments of the way of the Cross. In the temple there are also two paintings of St. Sebastian and St. Florian. The centerpiece of the altar is the image of the virgin Mary mourning Son. At the top of the altar, framed by columns, you can see the Crucifix. At the altar are sculptures depicting the virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene. They date from the time of creation of the temple.

Sometimes Ahorner chapel services are held for local residents.