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Alpine zoo

Zoo in Innsbruck offers its guests not only a beautiful view of the city and surrounding mountains, but also acquaintance with 150 species of animals that are representative of the Alps. This is the only zoo in the world who devoted himself to that mountain fauna. All animals are housed in modern enclosures and aviaries, terrariums have access to the open air.

The main source of income for the zoo - the money paid by the visitors for the entrance. Also, the zoo receives additional financial support from the city of Innsbruck and the government of Tyrol. To the zoo annually visit about 300 thousand visitors, making it one of the largest and most important socio-cultural institutions in Tyrol.

In 2012, the zoo celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Today the zoo is 4.1 hectares, which is home to about 3000 animals in General, mainly vertebrates: 20 of the 80 Alpine mammal species, 60 bird, 11 reptile and 6 amphibian species as well as nearly all Alpine fish.

Alpine zoo aims 4 main tasks: education and information, research, conservation and adventure. Education is essential for the preservation of Alpine fauna. Education can also be fun, so the zoo offers its visitors a wide range of activities aimed at raising awareness in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Guests can meet the animals just by watching them. If you want to learn more, visitors can participate in non-formal educational programmes of the open school "zoo."

The zoo has its own registered Association - "Forschungs-und Lehrinstitut".This Union is not only a supervisor of graduation projects, but also conducts research on various topics, including biological behavior of animals, enrichment of the environment and the health of animals, thereby making a significant contribution to the mission of the zoo on the conservation of animals and their breeding.