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One of the jewels of the Carinthian district of Saint-Fayn is a resort Althofen. About 300 BC on the site of modern Althofen was occupied by the Celts. Then they were replaced by Slavic tribes. For the first time the current name of the town mentioned in a document of 1041. Until 1803, this village, like many neighboring towns, was the property of the Archbishop of Salzburg.

The bailiffs of Salzburg resided at Althofen castle, which was destroyed in the XV century, during the Austro-Hungarian war. It was rebuilt circa 1500 under the direction of Leonard von Koicha and called the New castle. After 1803, the castle became the property of the state. 42 years later it was bought by Baron Eugene von Diekmann. New castle is located South of the main Church of the city and consists of two buildings, which in the second half of the twentieth century was sold to different owners.

The parish Church of Althofen with its massive bell tower is the only Church in Carinthia, dedicated to Saint Thomas of Canterbury. It was built in the year 1400, and in the XVIII century, acquired Baroque decoration. Finally, in the years 1908-1910, the temple was reconstructed in neo-Gothic style.

The main decorations of the square, Salburgerland are Holy Trinity column and the unusual fountain "Dwarves", which is surmounted by two seated sculptures of dwarfs.

To the North of Althofen castle is Eseldorf, which was first mentioned in Chronicles in 1369. In the fourteenth century lived in the castle bailiff of Salzburg, and in the XVII century it was purchased by George Ordorff, Smidt, owner of the steel plant in Pakistane. When the castle received its current appearance. This imposing three-storey Baroque building with the coat of arms of the former owners on the tympanum. Next to him in 1597 built a small chapel.