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Mount Bazarduzu

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Mount Bazarduzu is the highest mountain peak of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Its height is 4466 m. the Mountain located on the border of Dagestan and Azerbaijan.

The mountain is composed of porphyry and shale. In the first half of the twentieth century with the mountaintops down eight small glaciers. The largest glacier, the length of which was approximately 1 km, is called Digicar.

Bazarduzu is a kind of border mark, since its Northern slope is owned by one state, and the South is quite different. In Azerbaijan, that is to the South and East, the top ends fairly steep rocks and black shale walls, and on the North and West, but rather in the direction of Dagestan, and ice walls.

With Azerbaijan and other Turkic languages the name of the mountain Bazarduzu translates as "market square". This is due to the fact that in ancient times and the middle ages East of the highest in the valley Shahnabad annually held large multinational fair. Here gathered a lot of customers and traders, as representatives of the peoples of the Eastern Caucasus, and the near neighbors: the Persians, Georgians, Armenians, Kumyks, the Arabs, the Tsakhurs, the Jews, Indians and so on.

Glavenstvuet over the other mountain peaks, the highest could be seen for tens of kilometers. Seeing ice the top of the mountain, the caravan already knew that they are on the right track. The first documented ascent to the highest mountain peak of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Bazarduzu mountain occurred in winter in 1847, the Ascent made the Russian topographers headed by K. Alexandrov. The main purpose of their ascent was the installation of a triangular tower.

Mount Bazarduzu is a great place for mountain climbing, so it attracts a lot of tourists. At the foot of the mountain are numerous sports camp where he is trained in climbing and mountaineering.