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Alley Of Martyrs

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Avenue of Martyrs, located in the capital of Azerbaijan - city of Baku, on the territory of the Nagorny Park - mass grave in which are buried the martyrs, the heroes who fought for independence, victims of the terrible tragedy of Black January and who died in the battles for Karabakh. Also in the Alley of Martyrs to see the unmarked grave where buried body parts of unidentified dead.

Formerly on the site of the Alley was a Muslim cemetery, where the dead were buried in 1918 in Baku during the March events, the people. In 1920 came to power, the Bolsheviks decided to destroy the cemetery. They have cleaned out the buried human body, and created the Park, which was named after S. Kirov.

After the horrific events that occurred in the night from 19 to 20 January 1990, the bodies of all the murdered people (about 150 people) had created this "highland Park" and was buried with full honors. 22 January was buried 51 people. Three of them were victims of the events of March 1918, Their bodies were found in the Park during the excavation of the graves. On these three graves there is an inscription reading: "the Martyrs 1918"

To the Alley of Martyrs in Baku on 20 January every year from all corners of Azerbaijan people come to honor memory of heroes. On this day at exactly 12: 00 on their activities suspend all enterprises located on the territory of the country, and transport. At this time everywhere you hear long beeps ships and vehicles. The morning 20 January each year throughout the country in mourning lower a little national flags.