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Taza PIR Mosque

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Taza PIR mosque is the largest mosque of Baku and one of the most significant architectural structures that define the appearance of the city. Once in place this iconic building, there was a nondescript one-storey mosque. The construction of the Taza PIR mosque was started in 1905 by architect Ziverbey Qualified under the patronage of philanthropist Nabat Khanum Ashurbekova. Construction was suspended several times, due to the cessation of funding, as well as the death of philanthropist. Soon, however, construction work continued, they led the son of Nabat Khanum Ashurbayova. In 1914, the mosque was built.

The mosque functioned for only three years. In 1917 during the October revolution it was closed. At various times, the mosque was used as a cinema and a barn, and only in 1943 and today it functions as a mosque. On-site walking distance to the beach is the building of the administration of Muslims of the Caucasus.

The interior of the mosque with area of 1400 sq. m is decorated with patterns of the Azerbaijani school of painting and rare examples of Oriental ornaments. As for the mihrab and dome were made of marble.

The mosque has two prayer halls for men and women. In the women's prayer hall has five chandeliers, and the men - 52 chandelier. Women's chapel is made of pistachio tree. There is a separate closet for praying. Metal stairs in the women's prayer hall were replaced with reinforced concrete, covered with wood.

Decorative elements of the largest mosques in Baku, the labels and the tops of the minarets were made of gold. Height installed on the mosque of the dome is six feet. It is made of stone Gyzylgaya. Doors and Windows of the tazapir mosque is made of red wood. On the floor, under which is installed a heating system is a carpet "namazlyk" to 70 worshipers.

Due to the location tezepir mosque are perfectly seen from different districts of Baku and is a good silhouette guide.