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The state flag square

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The area of the state flag square in Baku, where is the state flag of Azerbaijan. This iconic place is located near the main naval base of the country.

A decree on the creation of this unique area of 17 November 2007 signed, the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. Flag day is celebrated in the country on 9 November of each year. The square Foundation was founded in December 2007 with the participation of the President himself. Due to the good location of the area that was planned in advance, the State flag can be seen from different points of the city of Baku. The solemn opening of the square took place on September 1, 2010

The total area of the square is 60 hectares. the Height of the flagpole installed in square - m. 162 with regard to the total weight of the installation, it is 220 m. the Length of the flag is 70 m, width - 35 m, weight - about 350 kg, and the total area is about 2450 sq. m. In may 2010, the flagpole of the state flag of Azerbaijan Republic was included in the "Guinness Book of world records" as the tallest flagpole in the world.

Installed in this area of the State anthem, coat of Arms and map of the country was made of gilded bronze. Also you can visit the interesting Museum of the state flag. The opening of the Museum took place on 9 November 2010 and was timed to the Day of State flag. Located under the pedestal of the flagpole, the Museum building is made in the form of octagonal star. The Museum presents the restored flags of States and khanates that existed on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan in different periods. In addition, the Museum element of the headboard of flags, Dating back to the XVII-XVIII centuries, coats of arms, stamps, orders, medals and samples of banknotes. Special attention in the Museum deserve documents and photographs that reflect the Foundation, formation and development of the Azerbaijani state, and more.