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Mukhtarov Palace

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Mukhtarov Palace is one of the architectural landmarks of Baku. It is located in the Central part of the street Istiglaliyat.

The majestic Palace building was built in 1911-1912, the Author of this project was the Polish architect I. K. Ploshko. Funds for its construction were allocated by the oil industry magnate, millionaire and philanthropist M. Mukhtarov. In one of the tour of Europe, Mukhtarov and his wife loved Venice. After returning from tour, the oilman decided to erect in their city a magnificent Palace in Venetian style. Place for the construction of the Palace of Mukhtarov chose opposite the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which at the time was the largest Orthodox Church in the whole Caucasus.

The architectural design of this Palace once again highlighted the talent of the architect I. K. ploshko, who is also the author of amazing buildings", Ismailia". The building of Mukhtarov Palace in the style of "French Gothic".

According to the architectural design, the Palace of Murtuza Mukhtarov height had to be slightly higher located opposite the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. However, local authorities were forbidden to erect a Palace of such height, as the Cathedral was the main attraction of Baku, and no building in town would be erected above it.

The construction of the Palace was completed in record time - in just one year. After the revolution the Palace was used as a "club of liberated Turkish women," and after it housed the Museum-reserve "Shirvanshahs" and the wedding Palace ("Palace of happiness").

In recent years, the Mukhtarov Palace was in very poor condition. In 2007 the building of the Palace was begun repair work, which ended in the spring of 2012 To date, the Mukhtarov Palace in Baku is one of the most remarkable and beautiful buildings of the town.