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The alley of honor

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Alley of honor is one of the iconic landmarks of the city Baku. It is located in the mountainous part of the city near the famous today of the towers of Fire, at some distance from the main part of highland Park.

Avenue for the burial of the most important and famous people of Azerbaijan was established in August 1948 after published by the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan SSR of the order. At the same time and its construction was begun. Basically, in the Alley are buried the most prominent figures of science, culture, art and literature, as well as the person having the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for bravery and courage shown in battle during the Second world war, those who held high state posts in the Soviet government, and working people who distinguished themselves in various sectors of the economy. In addition, buried in the alley of old Bolsheviks, Soviet and party workers, who took an active part in establishing Soviet power.

According to the list attached to the order, the Alley had to move the graves of such prominent figures of culture and literature as J. Mammadguluzadeh, Najaf Bek Vezirov, Suleyman Sani Akhundov, Abdurrahim Bek haqverdiyev, Hasan Bey Zardabi, G. Arablinski, A. Nazmi, Jabbar, Garyagdi oglu, H. Sarabski, R. Mustafayev, A. Azimzade and install them on the tombstones. Accordingly, the order, the tombstones also had to establish M. V. Vidadi in Gazakh, M. Sabir and S. A. Shirvani in Shamakhi.

Famous personalities who died after the establishment of the Alley, as a rule, it is here indulged the ground. Resulting in the Alley of honor from time to time become a place of national pilgrimage. In the Alley of honorary burial 15 Dec 2003 buried Haydar Aliyev. Buried here by Muslim Magomayev and other celebrities.