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National Park Goygol

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Goygol national Park, located in Azerbaijan, on the amazing picturesque Northern slopes of the Kapaz mountains, is one of the natural attractions of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The area is called Goygol became world famous thanks to its rich forests, unique nature and beauty. The national Park was created in April 2008 to preserve this natural wonder. Currently, the total area of Goygol national Park is 12,755 hectares. the Main purpose of its creation was mostly the preservation of the local biological environment, and the development of eco-tourism and efficient use of natural resources.

The national Park was named after lake Goygol. Goygol is considered one of the most beautiful lakes of Azerbaijan. In translation from Azerbaijani language the name means "blue lake". It fully justifies its appearance - the water here has a beautiful blue color, it is clean and clear.

As a result of strong earthquake in Ganja in 1139, collapsed Kepez mountain, blocking the way of the river Ahsoka. As a result of the collapse and formed the amazing Goygol lake. In addition Goygol lake in the Park there are several other small ponds, among them lake Seliger, Maralgol, aggol, Emilgel, Garagol and so on. A large part of the Goygol national Park is the rich vegetation cover.

In the forests there are 80 species of trees and shrubs. The main part of the forests of Eastern beech and oak, birch, Caucasian hornbeam, ash, Norway maple, Tulip tree and pine Koch. Of bushes in the Park you can meet wild rose, dogwood, barberry, medlar, Euonymus europaeus, BlackBerry.

The fauna of the Goygol national Park presents a variety of birds, animals, insects, and their number is small. The most common are bear, lynx, ROE deer, hedgehog, common hare, brown hare, Fox, Caucasian mole, stone and pine marten. Among birds and reptiles most widely: black vulture, chukar partridge, bearded vulture, vulture, snowcock, Alpine Chough, Viper Radde, green toad, grass-snake, green toad and smooth snake.