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Azerbaijan state Museum of art

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Azerbaijan state Museum of art was founded in 1936 In 1943, the Museum was named in honor of the famous theater artist R. Mustafayev, who was one of the founders of Azerbaijan theatre-decoration art. Until the 1950s it was housed in several historic mansions. In 1951, by order of the Secretary of the Communist party of Azerbaijan M. Bagirov was given to the Museum a beautiful building of XIX century mansion Debora, built by the engineer von der nonne.

In the Azerbaijan state Museum of art has more than 17 thousand exhibits, so it is the largest art Museum in the country. The Museum exhibition includes various works by Azerbaijani, Russian and Western European artists, as well as samples of decorative art. In addition, in the Museum's collection includes archaeological sites, ceramic, copper, jewelry, carpets and traditional clothes.

In the Azerbaijan state Museum of art features many works of the founders of the realist art of Azerbaijan Erivan K. M., M. M. Navvab, A. Azimzade and Bahruz Kangarli, the best works of contemporary artists of the country M. Abdullayev, S. Bahlulzade, Salakhova, T. Narimanbayov, and so on.

In the Department of Western European art and contains paintings by A. Ostade, Guercino, J. Kustermans, G. Dughet, and M. Mirabella, as well as sculpture, decorative and applied arts and drawings from France, Germany and Italy.

In the Department devoted to Russian art, visitors gaze presents works I. Aivazovsky, K. Bryullov, V. Borovikovsky, N. Argunova, I. Levitan, V. Makovsky, V. Tropinin, I. Grabar, K. Korovin, N. Roerich etc. particularly noteworthy are the works of Russian artists, dedicated to Azerbaijan. This includes "View of Baku from the sea" by V. Vereshchagin.