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Armenian Church of St. Gregory The Illuminator

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Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator in Baku - one of the main attractions of Baku. Initially, the temple belonged to the Armenian Apostolic Church.

The Church was founded in 1863 as the Initiator of its construction was made by the head of Shamakhi diocese, Daniel Shahnazarians. This Cathedral was built with funds donated by Javadoc Malikov.

The Church building was erected on Kolyubakinskoe square (now fountain square). This was originally proposed for the construction of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, but the area is not consistent with the expected structure. Then the military Governor of M. P. Kolyubakin, ordered to allocate this plot of land for the construction of the Armenian Church. The author of the project of the building of the temple was the architect of Baku city, K. K. Gippius.

The Church was consecrated in 1869, while the construction was completed only in 1871, after three years in the temple wall was erected parochial school, library and residential buildings. In 1888 the Church established a bell. After some time, there was erected the building, which housed the library. In 1918 the Church was given the status of Cathedral.

The facade of the temple was decorated with six-pointed "star of David". Before 1988-1990, the Church was the main place of prayer meetings the most part of the Armenian community of Baku. In 1989, the temple was subjected to vandalism. He was acquitted of all the articles of faith. In 1990 he was a fire that severely damaged the Church, after which it was abolished.

In 2001 the Church was declared a monument of architecture of local importance. In 2002 on the base of the temple was founded library. In 2011, in the building of the Armenian Church were restored. Today the Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator is used as a book Depository of the country's President.