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The Mosque Of Bibi-Heybat

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The mosque of Bibi-Heybat, the Shiite mosque, one of the main iconic sights of the Azerbaijan city of Baku. The mosque is located on the shores of Baku Bay.

Unfortunately, a magnificent city landmark has survived to the present day in its original form. The mosque, which you can see now is her reconstructed in the 90s of last century copy. The previous building of the mosque was built in the XIII century

According to legend, the mosque was built over the tomb of the daughter of Musa al-Cosima is the seventh Shiite Imam. In addition, there is the burial of the nanny Okami Khanum and other notable people, who bequeathed to bury them in the mosque Bibiheybat.

In 20-ies of the last century, after the establishment of the country's Soviet regime, began a fierce war with religion. As a result of all these events was destroyed and several churches: the Orthodox Church of Alexander Nevsky, the Polish Catholic Church and the Muslim mosque, Bibi-Heybat, which was the main target for the newly formed government. By order of the Presidium of the Baku Soviet in 1936, the complex was blown up. Almost all the buildings collapsed immediately, and only the minaret had to blow up several times.

With the acquisition of the state independence of many of the architectural monuments of the country, including places of worship, was restored. In 1998 construction work began on the construction of the mosque. It was used miraculously preserved old sketches. The new complex is much larger than the original. On the construction of the mosque was created by the best architects.

The mosque of Bibi-Heybat, the spiritual centre of the Muslim East and one of the major monuments of Islamic architecture of Azerbaijan.