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Absheron national Park

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Absheron national Park - is one of the natural attractions of Azerbaijan. It is located on the territory Azizbekovo district. The Park was created in 2005 on the basis of Absheron state nature sanctuary. The main purpose of its Foundation was to keep living on this site for water birds, gazelles and Caspian seals.

Currently, the system of natural protected territories of the Republic consists of five national parks, thirteen national nature reserves, about twenty state wildlife areas, whose total area makes about thousand hectares. 593,1 with regard to the area of Absheron national Park, it is 783 hectares, and within its boundaries is found in a huge number of mammals and a variety of water birds.

On the Absheron Park one can see gazelles, jackals, foxes, badgers, hares, and in the waters of the Caspian sea, seals and fish. The birds living here: - wheezing Swan, silver gull, common black and grey ducks, sand Sandpiper, marsh Harrier and many other migratory birds. Unique bird national Park is the marsh Harrier. This bird prefers to hunt smaller birds and fish as well as various amphibians, therefore their nests of marsh Harrier builds on marshy areas overgrown with reed and rush.

A lot of animals and birds that live in the land of Absheron national Park was listed in the Red book of Azerbaijan.