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The Indian temple of fire-worshipers Ateshgah

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The Indian temple of fire worshippers "Ateshgah" is a popular and exotic places of Azerbaijan. It is located 30 km from Baku, in the South-East of the village Surahany Absheron Peninsula. The land on which the temple is located, known for its unique natural phenomenon - burning natural gas output.

The Indian temple was built in the XVII-XVIII centuries. It was built by the Baku Hindu community belonging to the caste of the Sikhs. Although the history of this temple began much earlier. Since ancient times on the territory where today is the Ateshgah temple was located the sanctuary of Zoroastrian fire-worshipers, which gave the fire a mystical meaning and were come to worship the Shrine. After some time, when he spread Islam, the Zoroastrian temple was destroyed. The majority of Zoroastrians went to India.

In the XV - XVII century came to Absheron with the caravans of traders are Hindus, fire-worshippers began to make pilgrimages to these places. Soon Indian merchants engaged in the construction. The earliest construction of the Indian temple dates from 1713 with regard to the most recent constructions, these include the Central temple-altar, erected in 1810, with funds donated by the merchant Mancanegara. During XVIII century around the temple Ateshgah gradually appeared in cells, chapels and a caravanserai.

Modern fire worshippers ' temple is a pentagonal building, which consists of one room and 26 cells. The building is surrounded with a scalloped wall with entrance portal, above which is a guest room - "balakhane". In the center of the patio you can see the rotunda of the temple-altar with unquenchable fire. However, currently there is burning fire is not natural, but artificial. All this is due to the fact that in the nineteenth century the output of natural gas stopped. After that, the worshippers left the sanctuary, taking it all as the wrath of the gods. Atashgah temple is almost a century was in ruins. Today it is again open to the public.