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The old fortress of the Maiden tower

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The old fortress from the Maiden tower, located off the coast of the Caspian sea in the old part of the city of Baku - historical-architectural Museum-reserve. According to historical records, the construction of the fortress began in the XII century and lasted until the XIX century the Width of the wall fortifications is 3.5 m and height is 10 m.

Built on has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic of the area of the ancient fortifications has absorbed the features of different cultures. For all time of its existence the fortress possessed: the Zoroastrians, Arabs, Persians, servancy, Turks and Russians. A large part of the ramparts of the XII century, surrounding the inner city - Icheri Sheher, has survived to the present day. Also here are concentrated most of the ancient architectural monuments of the Old Baku.

Baku top of the hill was chosen for the construction of the Palace. For its construction were used the Absheron limestone. After processing, the limestone has acquired a Golden-ocher hue. The Palace had a large octagonal hall, covered with a dome. There were sleeping quarters. The upper level was occupied by serving the judgment seat Sofa-Khan. The second level houses the mausoleum of court scientist Seyid Yahya Bakuvi. It was an octagonal building, the upper part of which resembled a tent. Now this building is called "the Mausoleum of a dervish". A little below the hill housed the burial vault of the Shirvanshahs was built in the beginning of the second half of XV art.

In its entire 500-year history of the Palace complex several times destroyed and rebuilt, but despite this, he was able to maintain its original beauty and grandeur. In addition to the Palace complex in Icheri-Sheher, it is possible to see the remaining narrow streets with buildings X-XIV century, the minaret Synyk-Kala XI century, as well as the catacombs and the minaret of the Juma mosque of the XIV century.

In the South-East of the Old town stands the lonely one of the brightest architectural sights of the fortress is the Maiden tower built in the XII century. the 28-meter high tower of cylindrical form, built of gray limestone, has no analogues in the Caucasus. Since 2000, the ancient fortress, together with the Maiden tower and Shirvanshah's Palace is considered world heritage by UNESCO.