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Lake Hajigabul

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Hajigabul - largest lake in the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is located in Kura-Araks lowland, South-West of Baku, Magicabula district, near the city of Shirvan. To get to the lake very convenient, because near it is a railroad. The lake was formed due to the natural waste of the Caspian sea in certain geological period.

Of course, by Russian standards, Hajigabul lake is small. Its maximum width is 3 km, and the maximum length is 6 km and it is not very deep, its maximum depth reaches 5 m. the Total area of lake Hajigabul about 1668 hectares. the Lake is fed by a special canal waters of the river Kura. The average water temperature varies from 5° to 28.5°. As for water clarity, it is in the range of 0,06-2,5 m.

In the lake you can catch such fish as carp, pike, barbel, carp, perch and catfish. The spring floods of the river Kura significantly increase the area of the lake. However, the catch does. Of the aquatic plants in the lake are widely distributed reeds lake, cattail, reed, hornwort, and water Buttercup. In winter the Lake Hajigabul does not freeze, so here you can see a huge number of different species of migratory birds.

About the name of the lake Adzhikabul there are many disputes. Maybe the lake was named in honor of one of the performed the Hajj to Mecca pilgrims. According to another version, the root of the name comes from the Turkic word "aji", which means "bitter." Lakes with similar kind of names are very common in these parts. For example, aji-Darya river in the Western part of Turkmenistan, aji-Nour on the southern slopes of the Caucasian ridge, and many wells - Ajiger and Argali, Adzhi-Kuyu, Kenji and Agila.