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Cathedral. The Holy Myrrh-Bearers

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Cathedral of the Holy myrrh-Bearers - the Russian Orthodox Church, located in the beautiful city of Baku. The Cathedral was built in 1909 by the Author of the project was the Russian architect F. M. Verzhbitsky. Funds for this project were allocated to the war Ministry of Russia and the local merchant G. Z. Tagiyev.

From the very beginning of its existence the Cathedral had the status of a regiment, being subordinate to the 262-th infantry reserve regiment Salyan. Prior to this infantry regiment used the old regimental Archangel Michael temple in the Central part of the city, preserved to this day. In 1920 the Church was closed one of the first. Initially it was used as a warehouse, and after - gym. During the January events of 1990 in the bell tower of the temple were two of the projectile, causing it to partially collapsed, the walls cracked, the floors sagged, and the roof collapsed. In 1991 the building of the Cathedral was handed over to the Russian Orthodox Church.

The restoration of the dilapidated temple began after the founding of the Episcopal Department in Baku. Thanks to the initiative of the Bishop of Baku and Caspian Bishop Alexander in the temple were carried out restoration work. Its solemn consecration took place in may 2001, Then it was given the status of Cathedral.

The second life of the Cathedral began thanks to the attention of the Azerbaijani philanthropist A. S. Kurbanov, the means of which the Cathedral was conducted a number of comprehensive repair and restoration work: built of stone carved iconostasis, made of purchased paintings and Church utensils. Opening of the renovated Cathedral took place in March 2003 and In April of the same year Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople donated to the Cathedral the relics of the Apostle Bartholomew. In addition, the Cathedral of the Holy Myrrhbearers are also Holy icons of the Mother of God - the "Caspian" and "Tikhvin".