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Archaeological Park of Solsticio

Archaeological Park of Solsticio is located in the state of amapá. Translated from the Portuguese, its name means "Solstice". In the spring of 2006 scientists in the area was discovered a cromlech - a circle of stones (megalithic monument). In diameter it is 30 metres tall granite stele - almost 4 meters. A similar Observatory was discovered in French Guiana. Often the cromlech in Solsticio compare with other megalithic monuments found in Europe, Asia and North America. The monument in Solsticio called "Amazon Stonehenge". Near the cromlech archaeologists have discovered the remains of pottery. After reviewing them, they came to the conclusion that the construction may be dated about 1 - 15 century ad

The blocks that make up the cromlech, placed vertically, as identical circles on top of a hill. On December 21, the winter solstice and the shortest day in the Northern hemisphere, the shadow of one of the sides disappears. This occurs when it appears directly above the sun. It is the fact that the unit is aligned for the solstice and made scientists assume the astronomical designation of the cromlech. The second hypothesis suggests that the cromlech is a temple. The priests, based on the position of the stars, participated in the rituals of a religious nature.

Excavations in the archaeological Park, Solsticio are held regularly. Currently found fossils can neither confirm nor deny the hypothesis about the Observatory.

Now archaeological Park, Solstice is a very popular place among tourists and historians.