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The Rocas Atoll

The Rocas Atoll is located in the Atlantic ocean. It belongs to the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte. The Atoll is located 200 km from Natal city. Opening Rokas due to the shipwreck in 1503.

The Rocas Atoll is of volcanic origin and formed partially through the corals. Rocas is the only Atoll in the South Atlantic, and the smallest in the world. The shape of the Atoll resembles an oval. Its length is about 3.7 km and width 2.5 km. the depth of the lagoon is six meters, an area of about 7 km

The highest point of Rocas is the southern sand dune, its height is about 6 m. the Atoll consists of a large number of red algae and corals. The coral ring is almost closed, except when there is only one Strait with a width of 200 meters.

Small Islands of the Atoll are covered with various grasses, shrubs and trees. On the Islands of Rocas live different types of spiders, crabs, Scorpions, and birds. In the waters surrounding Rokas live sharks, turtles and dolphins.

In 1960, on one of the Islands was built the lighthouse of the Navy of Brazil. In 2001, UNESCO took the Atoll under its auspices as a world heritage site. And now the Rocas Atoll is a conservation area. Its Islands remain largely untouched due to its remoteness. Now it is used for scientific research.