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Sugar Loaf Mountain

Sugar loaf - a number of hills located on the urca Peninsula, consists of rocks of Sugar loaf (which gave its name to the complex) and the mountains of Babylon. Sugarloaf mountain, along with the statue of Christ the Savior, is the "face" of the city of Rio de Janeiro and one of the most famous places of Brazil. Unique natural features, the surrounding water of Guanabara Bay, make this place attractive for tourists.

As an added bonus proposed trip to the top by cable car connects Praia Vermelha and Morro da urca-Sugar Head. The route and design of the lift was designed in 1908 and opened in 1912, becoming the first Elevator installed in the country and third in the world. For more than ninety years of its existence, it moved about thirty million people. With the last station of the cable car offers a panoramic view of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Pan de sugar loaf mountain, the highest rock of the complex - it consists of a granite-gneissic block age more than six hundred million years, resulting in separation of the South American continent and Africa. Its height is 395 meters above sea level. It is rich in different plant species, there are several endemic species of bromeliads and orchids. The southern slope is covered with almost continuous vegetation carpet, making a striking contrast to the poor flora of the North side. The foot is surrounded by remnants of Atlantic forest, at the top is the last station of the cableway.

The name of the mountain associated with the production of sugar cane, when to transport the product designed in pieces of similar shapes. Another version States that the name in the native languages sounded Pau-nh-acuqua and translated as "high hill."

In addition to the mechanical lift to the top, you can get one of the 270 climbing routes organized by specialized firms. The first ascent was made on the Eastern, most shallow slope, in 1817. On Sugarloaf visited albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy and Elton John. The cable lift from sixth-counterweight passed the American tightrope Walker Steven Macek. Top pan de sugar loaf mountain was the backdrop for scenes in several movies.