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The municipal theatre of Rio de Janeiro

Teatro municipal Rio de Janeiro is located in the city centre, in praça Marechal Floriano. It was opened in 1909 as part of the architectural ensemble, built during the redevelopment of Central Avenue. Theatre is not owned by the municipality, but is strongly associated with the development of the city.

Stage life was quite eventful in Rio de Janeiro in the second half of the NINETEENTH century. Despite this, the city had a concert hall, a decent level of capital. In 1894, Arthur Azevedo, a famous writer, began active work on the creation of institutions, similar to the comédie française. Permission was granted and the payment, but the money was wasted, and the theater appeared.

Then mayor Pereira passos conducted a large-scale reconstruction of the heart of the city, the opening of Central Avenue (now Avenue of Rio Branco) in the style of Parisian boulevards and framed by fine examples of eclectic architecture. A competition was announced to build a new theatre, which was the winner project of Francisco de Oliveira Passos, son of the mayor. Start of construction was initiated in 1905 with the laying of the Foundation of six hundred thousand wooden stakes hammered into the flooded groundwater the soil. For the decoration of buildings were invited famous artists and sculptors. A little time has passed, and on 14 July 1909 the theatre was opened by the President of the Republic and the mayor of the city. The initial capacity of the hall was 1739 viewers, in 1934, it became evident that the theater is too small for the growing number of residents, the number of seats was increased to 2205. Later the capacity was brought to modern 2361 places.

The theater underwent several stages of rebuilding and reconstruction, during which was opened the tattered frieze and pictures of Eliseo Visconti, a new lighting and built utility and technical rooms. It was also the building is equipped with modern lifts and electronic control centers.

The theatre is richly decorated with paintings of the best Brazilian artists: paintings "theatre in foyer", the curtain and the dome paintings - works by Visconti, wall panels in the lobby - Rodolfo Amodeo, stucco and sculptures Bernardelli Enrico and Rodolfo. Restaurant in the ground floor is decorated in the Assyrian style.

At various times, the theatre has performances and concerts featuring Sarah Bernhardt, Igor Stravinsky and Maria Callas, Arturo Toscanini and Eliana Coelho. The recent opening of the theatre after the reconstruction in 2010, it was attended by the President of the Republic and the leadership of the city.